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Heads, we win [entries|friends|calendar]
Your Guilty Pleasure, Baby

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[27 Sep 2003|02:18am]
I've moved on.
If I love you, then you've been added [or are being added] to my new journal.
If I dont, then you obviously havent.
I'm deadendtrend_
Love. <3

[25 Sep 2003|12:49am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Sharon Osbourne - HAHAHAHAHA.
Some Harley Girl - You wanna kiss like Madonna and Britney?
Sharon - Sure!

So, they get down, and they kiss.

Sharon Osbourne is the cutest thing.

!!!Collapse )

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Gone until [hopefully] mid-term [23 Sep 2003|01:50am]
Well, in the wonderful process of getting my grades back, I'll be absent for 3 weeks. <3 Take Care.

God Bless.
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Still feeling awful ... [23 Sep 2003|12:07am]
[ mood | sick ]

My head hurts. My nose is unbearable. I think I'm getting a head cold. Yay mental breakdown.

Anyway, report cards go out tommorow. *sigh*

Just hopped on here to try to fall asleep. Gotta go study and get ready for school in the morning.

God Bless.

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*sigh* [22 Sep 2003|07:12pm]
[ mood | cruddy ]

I dont feel well.

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The Last Day of Black Gold [21 Sep 2003|04:28pm]
It's sad really .. I have to wait a year from now until I get to see my beloved Black Gold.

It was more boring if anything, except for a few highlights.
-When I got there, I saw Jordan, and he talked to me for a bit. :)
-Walked around a bit more then saw Miranda. We walked together for about 3 minutes.
-Was riding a ride, and saw Tiffany waving at me. When the ride stops, I get into a cart with Tiffany and whenever the ride goes up, we scream like lunatics to piss the rider operator dude off, becos he yelled at me for not keeping the gate thing up. *rolls eyes* And then, we pulled the thing up really close, and when he came to pull it down when the ride has ended, we held it tight and said "No. We cant pull it down, remember?" Ha ha ha. I love being mean.

But my legs are killed and they are screaming bloody murder and they are glad its over!

Jeff and I are getting together either Monday or Tuesday to talk living arrangements. :D
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"..but I'd gladly go down in a flame, if a flame's what it takes to remember my name.." [21 Sep 2003|01:32am]
[ mood | happy ]


Totally. JEFF CAME IN!!! It made me extremely happy and joyous. But what made me the more merrier was the new Bulldog [4 months old and an absolute doll.] that came in the door before him. Jeff bought him 3 days ago and she's all mine [okay, not completely as I'm not a resident of the Ritchie household yet, but still!]. He wanted to name her German names but this is what we came up with: Miss Andrea Anette Ritchie. (: So, yes, people, that is what is going on her AKC registration and I am very happy. She's asleep with Kevin right now, and I snuck on the computer to tell everyone about it.

So, I hinted in on Jeff about Samantha, but the bad news rumbled. They're going through some rocky times in their relationship and it doesnt have the best % chance of happening. I asked him:

"So, when are we moving in together?"
"Whenever I get the land filled out and all that sh**." Or something similar to that.

Oh, and Jeff left Andrea with me whilst he went to the Hampton Inn. SHE'S MY BABY. And she better be a good doggy, for the 300$ Jeff paid for her. Tightwads, this family is. Oh well. I'm still very happy.

So, after Jeff left Dad went to the Black Gold and BROUGHT ME BACK A FUNNEL CAKE! Oh yes. That's right. Guess who has an angel of happiness watching over her? That would be Stephanie. Mhm.

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[20 Sep 2003|06:39pm]
I love having home cooked dinners :)
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A New AIM Name [20 Sep 2003|04:19pm]
Help me think up a good AIM name. Something that describes me, but isnt something thats overused, and it's something very ... elite ... so to speak. Any ideas?
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"Let's rewrite and ending that fits, instead of Hollywood horror..." [20 Sep 2003|04:28am]
Name: Stephanie
Age: Blankteen
Birthday: October 27th
Family: Yeah, I have one.
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio.

Eye Color: Depends on the light, they can be green, greenish blue, bluish green, or any variation thereof.
Hair Color: Blonde.
Height: 5'2 or 3
Weight(if acceptable to you): 120 lb. or somewhere around that

Music: I listen to it.
Movies: I watch them sometimes.
TV: Stays on MTV Hits.

Marital Status: Single.
Sexual Orientation: I only let boys push my swing.
Children: None.

Hobbies: are cool.

Food: I eat it.
Drink: I like Brisk Fruit Teazer
Candy/Gum: I chew it ; it's bad for me.

Goal(s) in life: To finish this.
Favorite quote(s): Too many to list here.
Role Model(s): God.
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We'd be fools not to ride this strange torpedo to the end... [20 Sep 2003|12:50am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I went to the Black Gold with my mom and Grandma tonight at 8 pm. Mom and Granny wanted to see Cledus Judd. Oh God.

So, by the time we walk down to the Ample Theater [an outside theater, mind you] there are 1000+ people there, so there arent no seats and we are forced to stand. [Cledus isnt worth this.] I decide that I'm sick of sitting so I venture off to find a friend to sit with. Then I find Sarah, Kim, and Kait. Woohoo!

And then the show was over and Cledus signed autographs. The line was too long so I didnt get one. Ah well. I'll get over it, I'm sure. But my Mom did manage to get a picture of him.

You can guess which one he is I'm sure.

I was talking to Carrie about mm-mm ing and this is part of the conversation. Arent we the raddest thing?

sugarxstoned: natasha [my friend slash mark cousin] has been dating her boyfriend for a month and she wants to uh-uh with him
Carrie: o0o0o0
Carrie: sweet!
Carrie: i'll bring the flavored condoms!

Goodnight, loves.

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